Private Events

We love catering private events. Everything is slow-smoked over local oak and hickory and our sides are made from scratch.


Base Price- $18/person

Base price includes two meats and two sides, buns, BBQ sauce, chafing racks, and place settings. Additional meat starts at $3/person, addition side starts at $2/person. Smoker service included at no additional charge (minimum 40 people).

Additional sides, meats, appetizers, desserts and soft drinks can be added.

Catering includes one hour of service. Each additional hour is $80/per.

12% gratuity added for all onsite catering.


Pulled pork
Beef brisket (+$3/person)
St. Louis style ribs (+$3/person)
Smoked sausage
Smoked chicken
Pulled chicken
Burnt Ends (+3/person)


House slaw
Smoked pit beans
Mac & cheese (+$1.50/person)
Roasted potatoes
Sweet potato mash
Garlic green beans
Garlic Mashed Redskins
Cucumber Salad
Garden salad

Whole Hog Pig Roast

Starts at $18/person. Includes sausage or chicken quarters & two sides. Onsite smoker required. 75 person minumum.